Turning Pro in eSports is unlike any other Sports.


Hurdles of Becoming a Pro Gamer

No Direction

In Regular Sports

Established organizations scout promising players at a young age.

In eSports

The high pressure to become good enough creates a toxic environment where players are forced to play up to 16 hours per day to improve rank and be recognized as soon as possible - neglecting their physical and mental health. This leads to many players suffering from depression or burning out from the pressure.

No Education

In Regular Sports

Established organizations scout promising players at a young age. These talents receive ongoing training and education from professional trainers and coaches.

In eSports

In all of Europe, there are only a few eSports academies. And even they are not matching the quality of education that established Sports organizations provide.

No Education

No Time

In Regular Sports

Players grow in a stable environment over many years. This allows them to follow a long-term program and maintain a sustainable performance.

In eSports

The majority of players start competing in their teenage years. To dedicated gamers have little time to grow into professionals.

No Resources

In Regular Sports

It is common that even young athletes can get financial support in the form of player salaries or athletic scholarships.

In eSports

Scholarships are still very rare. And although there are millions of competing players, only a few hundred can make a living wage through competitive gaming.

No Resources

Athletic eSports Strives to Change the Gaming Industry

We provide a holistic training program that supplies talents with everything they need to live and grow as high-performance players and well-rounded humans. Our goal is to open a team house in Berlin, the capital of European eSports. We will provide our teams with the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in their journey to become world-class eSports athletes.

The Six Pillars of Our Training


In-Game Coaching

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Academy Management

Samuel Wohl

Founder & Manager

Dr. Alexander Monas

Mental Performance Coach

Evaldas 'Crowjam' Paulauskas

League of Legends Head Coach



I find Athletic eSport’s mission convincing - How can I become a sponsor?
That’s wonderful to hear. Please contact our Management via E-Mail: Management@athleticesports.com
What can I contribute as a sponsor?
Our Athletes require housing, food, frequent coaching in several fields as well as equipment like Gaming PCs, Keyboards, Mice, Headsets, Monitors, Gaming Chairs and Desks. You can either support us financially (via a one-time donation or long-term sponsorship) or provide the above things directly.
How can I benefit as a Sponsor?
Most importantly, you will let the eSports world know that you associate with our Vision of creating a professional, healthy environment for upcoming talents and Pro Gamers. Aside from that, we offer our Sponsors three levels of benefits: Gold Sponsorship Level: You provide us with financial support, equipment or supplies at an ongoing basis. Aside from our eternal thankfulness and love, you will also benefit by: - Having your Logo visible on our Website, Social Media, Livestreams and Videos as well as being thanked by name and linked to your website in our “Sponsors” section. Platinum Sponsorship Level: You sponsor one of our teams, becoming their enabler to develop into professional Athletes, unfolding their highest potential. We will name that team after your company. For example, if you sponsor our All-Female Team, the Valkyries, we will Rename them to “*Your Company Name* Athletic Valkyries” so everyone who sees them in competitions or on stream will know immediately that your company stands behind the team. In addition to that, your Logo will appear prominently on that teams’ Trikots and you will receive all benefits from the Gold Sponsorship Level. Diamond Sponsorship Level: You become the main Sponsor of the Academy, providing us with the required resources we need to change the eSports world. We will change our Academy name to “*Your Company Name* Athletic eSports”, adapt our brand design to reflect yours, include your Logo on all of our Trikots, integrate your Brand Name into the names of a number (or all) of our Teams and grant you all the benefits of the Platinum and Gold Sponsorship Levels.
I'm a friend and supporter, I would like to support Athletic eSports - what options are there?
We need financial resources to pay for coaches, trainers and other expenses. We also require a Team House in Berlin and equipment for our players such as Gaming PCs, Keyboards, Mice, Headsets, Monitors, Gaming Chairs and Desks. If you have more questions about how to support us, please contact our Management via E-Mail: Management@athleticesports.com
Can anyone support athletic esports?
Yes. To change the world of eSports, every helping hand is welcome! No matter how you can support us, every contribution brings us closer to achieving our dreams!
I would like to make a donation or other resources - what is the process?
Let us talk about the details of your donation. Please contact our Management via E-Mail: Management@athleticesports.com You will receive a donation receipt for all of your donations.
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